Experimental Research on Software Quality Assurance using Artificial Intelligence

Dr A K Tiwari
Academician & Economist and Ph.D. Guide, IASE Deemed to be University, Sardarshahar, huru Email-drajayhod@gmail.om, Mob.-9251616036

Author/Co-Author 1

Dr Pura Ram Meghwal
HOD, Research Director IASE Deemed to be University, Sardarshahar, huru
Software systems are getting bigger and bigger as the foundation of society. and complexity and connectivity, and in times of extreme uncertainty Innovative development, continuous change, expansion and environmental adaptation Under such circumstances, it is essential to build quality, verify and Evaluation/correction/management activities are exploratory and adaptive in nature. where machine learning with generalization ability Data-driven optimization for new objects and situations genetic algorithm genetic Algorithm; From request to maintenance. The use of AI for quality activities is being researched and practiced in this research paper types of AI mainly machine learning and As an AI activity related to software quality in general overview of requirements followed by design and implementation of specific requirements, Testing debugging Other quality control and maintenance procedures Separately, we'll explain AI use efforts related to quality in a broader way.