Volume – 1/1 (March-June 2016)


International Journal of Education

 Chief Editor

Prof. A. P. Sharma

Chakoli Educational & Social Development Society Dholpur (Rajasthan)


Prof. O.S. Dewal

Prof. Arvind Pandey

Prof. A.P. Sharma

Dr. Anil Paliwal

Dr. Vijay Grover

Advisory Board: 

Dr. Alpana Sharma

Mrs. Nicole Sharma (USA)

Dr.Avnaish Parashar (Canada)

Dr. SadhanaTyagi

Dr. D.P. Singh

Dr. Jai Dayal Singh

Dr. B.N. Soni


Date of Publication            :          March – June 2016

Edition                       :          First (Online)

Cover Design                   :          Ajay Singh Bhati

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Publisher :          Chakoli Educational & Social Development Society,

Dholpur (Rajasthan), India

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Chetana Education International/March-June-2016; Vol. 1, No.1

1 Dr Anil Paliwal A Critical Appraisal of the Newly Designed Two Year B.Ed. Syllabus by the State Universities of Rajasthan
2 Dr. Sunil Kumar Need For Extensive Research in Educational Administration System in India
3 Dr. Alpana Sharma Dispensation of Justice: Drawbacks, Consequences and Cures
4 Dr. SadhnaTyagi & Dr.SukhjeetKaur Teacher Education to Support Inclusion
5 Dr. Sanjana Misra The Effect of Mental Health on Teacher’s Personality
6 Dr. Avinash Parashar Quality of Engineering Education in India: Opinion
7 Dr. J.D. Singh Globalization and New Scenario of Teacher Education
8 Dr. Manish Bhatnager & Dr. Pragati Bhatagnar Educational Benefits and Applications of  E-learning
9 Dr. Vanita Gupta Education as a Tool for Sustainable Development
10 Dr. Jatinder Kaur Value of Art Education
11 Dr. Parvinder Kumar Kamboj Models of Disability and Rights of Differently Abled Persons
12 Mrs. Seema Somani & Ms. Payal The Need of Teaching Effective English Pronunciation at School level
13 Dr. (Mrs) Anupma Garg & Dr Peeyush Kumar Historical Facts about the Development of Women’s Empowerment in India nay the World
14 Dr. Umesh Kumar Role of Mass Media in Promoting Human Rights
15 Dr. Ajaya Kumar Environmental Education and the Future Generation
16 Prof. O.S.Dewal Learn to Live & Live to Learn
17 Dr. Pritam Kaur Education and Women Empowerment


18 Dr. Mohammad Abdu Ahmad Al-Mekhlafi The Impact of Class Attendance on Final Examination Scores of Yemeni EFL Student Teachers
19 Dr Vijaya Kumar Grover Study of relatedness between Attitudinal Orientations of Secondary School Teachers towards Teaching and their Perceptions regarding Difficult Behaviour of Adolescent Learners
20 Prof. J.C. Paliwal A Study of the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) of the Newly Recruited Headmasters
21 Mr. Pradip Dutta & Mr Poban Gogoi Impact of Environmental Education: A Study on Degree Level Students of Tinsukia District of Assam
22 Dr. Neeta Pandhu Effect of Models of Teaching on Achievement in Biology in Relation to Styles of Learning and Thinking and Intelligence
23 Deepak Kumar Sharma Effect of Acute and Chronic Rodenticides in Residential Habitats
24 Dr Ram Kumar Singh रामसनेही सम्प्रदाय (रेण पीठ) के सन्त साहित्य का महत्त्व