Topic Covered

The periphery of the subject areas includes:

  1. Education, Management, Organization behavior, Marketing management, Human Resources;
  2. Media, Journalism, Community Media, Internet Media, Print Media;
  3. Psychology, Human ideology, Sociology, Organization psychology;
  4. Philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Logic and Ethics
  5. Rural India, Statistics, Social Sciences, Library Information Science;
  6. Engineering, Electronics, Electrical, Information technology, Computer Science;
  7. Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Laws, Political Science;
  8. Geography, History, Journalism, Literature, Philosophy;
  9. Accounting, Finance, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting;
  10. Economics, Education, Home Science;
  11. Business, Commerce and Corporate Governance;
  12. Arts, Fine Arts;
  13. Medical, Bio-Medical, Clinical Research