The Third Gender: A Sociological Study of Transgender in India

Dr Onima Sharma
Associate Professor Department of Sociology, DAV (PG) College Dehradun Email-, Mob.- 9997109503
The third gender, also known as transgender or hijras, are a marginalized and stigmatized community in India. This sociological study aims to explore the lived experiences of transgender in India, with a focus on their social, cultural, and economic situation. The study was conducted using secondary data. The findings of the study reveal that transgender face multiple forms of discrimination and exclusion in various aspects of their lives, including education, employment, healthcare, and housing. They are often denied basic human rights and treated as second-class citizens. Moreover, societal attitudes towards transgender are often negative, with many people viewing them as abnormal or deviant. Despite these challenges, the study also found that transgender has developed unique cultural practices and social networks that provide them with a sense of belonging and support. Many transgender are also involved in alternative forms of livelihood, such as sex work and begging, which provide them with some degree of economic independence. The study highlights the urgent need for greater social and legal recognition of transgender in India, as well as the need for more research on this marginalized community. It is hoped that the findings of this study will contribute to a greater understanding of the challenges faced by transgender in India and inform policy and advocacy efforts aimed at improving their situation.