The Role of social media in G20 Summit of 2023 in New Delhi

Nidhi Sharma
Independent Research Scholar, New Delhi. Email :, Mobile : 9717818547
The purpose of this study is to discuss the role of social media in the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India. The role of social media has been increasing since the last decade and it is touching on undiscussed issues about what the mainstream media is unable to raise questions regarding national interest and people’s concerns. In connection of the G20 Summit of 2023, this article evaluates the types of approaches discussed in the social media arena on India's role in successfully hosting this multilateral summit. This research also highlights the positivity of the summit in the context of social media debate where member countries had agreed to the establishment of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) as the formation of the transnational rail and shipping route to connect Europe and Asia. The study implies that qualitative research methods will be used to describe the role of social media during the G20 Summit in New Delhi. The following research questions are formulated to justify the key objectives of this research: Why is it essential to discuss the role of social media at the G20 Summit in New Delhi? The second question is: How did social media discuss the G20 Summit and what kind of role did social media groups play during the G20 Summit in New Delhi? Furthermore, this study empirically describes the key approaches and characteristics of the G20 Summit through the lens of social media’s role. As a result, the social media debate praised the role of India in the implementation of New Delhi’s proposal in front of the global leaders at the G20 Summit.