The Brutal Past of Rwanda

Renu Keer
Senior Assistant Professor Department of Political Science Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College University of Delhi, Dhaula Kaun, New Delhi- 110021 Mobile: 9211292686, 9810872863
Rwanda- known as the land of a thousand hills – appears to have witnessed the brutalist experience of genocide in 1994. While this genocide caused the vicious slaughter of up to one million defenseless children, women and men during a period of just three months, it was completely ignored by the extensively active players of international politics- the UN and the US, refusing to call it ‘genocide’. Given that, this paper examines the major causes of ethnic war in Rwanda in 1994- which is believed to be the one of the biggest genocides of the century. Moreover, it also highlights the brutal response of international community to it, ignoring to address the humanitarian crisis.