Role of Social Media in forming young mind’s opinions

Anuj Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor (Guest Faculty) Haridev Joshi Universtiy of Journalism and Mass Communication Adress- 6/250, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur Email-, Mobile- 9079961116
The purpose of the study is to determine Facebook's function as a social media and how it influences young people's opinions on several crucial subjects, such as: To gain insight into "corruption in political party-related matters to comprehend governmental policies; to form an opinion on socio-political topics, etc. One million users joined Facebook before the end of 2004 after it launched on January 4th. After that, the number of Facebook users has been steadily growing year after year. Facebook reached a new milestone in October 2012 when its user base surpassed one billion. There are 2.95 Billion Monthly Active Users on Facebook. According to Facebook statistics India boasts a seriously impressive start of a total of 329 million Facebook users. That's approximately 23.88% of India's total 1.38 billion populations.