Re-imagining Education and NEP 2020

Manish Bhatnagar
Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Jain Vishva Bharti Inastitute (Deemed University), LADNUN, Rajasthan,, Mobile-9929824970

Author/Co-Author 1

Dr. Pragati Bhatnagar
Assistant Professor, Acharya kalu Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Jain Vishva Bharti Inastitute (Deemed University), LADNUN, Rajasthan,
In present era of global competitive world we need to re-imagine our education system as to prepare learners to face unexpected life challenges. The needs of human beings changes from time to time. They change according to age, place and time. Education should be such that it should help learner to lead his life smoothly facing all the challenges posed to him. Education should provide lifelong learning opportunities to learners at all stages of life. The aim of education for the future growth of any nation is to provide universal access to quality education. Our rich heritage and traditions should not only be nurtured and preserved but should be researched and utilized for new perspectives in our education system. Our education system should integrate employability skills and soft skills. Learners should be tech-friendly in this digital world. This paper discusses what the initiatives are taken in NEP 2020 to bring transformation to our present education systems which are necessary for progress of our nation. Key Words – Education, NEP 2020