Mobile: As a Risk Factor for Today’s Children

Dr. Ramawatar Godara
Assistant Professor Department of Education Institute of Advanced Studies in Education Email:, Mob.-9351046609
With the development of science and technology, more and more people have mobile phones. Mobile phones play an important role in our lives and are an integral part of today’s life but it is becoming more harmful to our life. It quickly attracts the student’s attention by its small and convenient, rich sources, and many other characteristics. Mobile phones bring convenience, entertainment and other functions, news and other information, but also produced a series of negative effects. This research is an attempt to find the significance of the negative effect of mobile use on children. The result of the light on mobile addiction and indicated that children’s mind is soft and can easily accept the unrestricted or irrelevant content being served by mobile, as a result, irritability, insomnia, tumors, loss of eyesight and many other biological, behavioral, psychological problems are increasing day by day.