Investigating the Role of Computer-Mediated Instruction in Cultivating Communication and Digital Literacy Skills in Higher Education

Shalvi Kumari
Shalvi Kumari, Research Scholar, Department of Education, Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Author/Co-Author 1

Vinita.S.Gopalkrishnan, Associate Professor, Department of Education, Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur, Rajasthan
In today's digital age, effective communication and digital literacy skills are crucial, especially in higher education. This study examines how Computer-Mediated Instruction (CMI) contributes to developing these vital skills. CMI employs digital platforms and tools, including synchronous and asynchronous methods, to facilitate learning. Through an extensive review of existing literature, this research explores CMI's impact on communication and digital literacy skill development in higher education. The findings indicate that integrating CMI strategies enhances students' communication abilities and digital literacy skills, better preparing them for the digitally-driven world. Keywords: Computer-Mediated Instruction (CMI), Communication skills, Digital literacy, Higher education