Intensification of Land use attributes using Remote Sensing

Neetu Yadav
Neetu Yadav Assistant Professor Department of Geography Seth RL Saharia Government PG College Kaladera, Jaipur Email-, Mob.- 9460870225
Landslides are dependably in mountain regions like Himalaya district. Landslide makes trouble man, his properties and moving improvement projects. Landslides are on an extremely essential level found after tremendous tempests when a lot of water goes into the soil achieving inside strain and landslide occurs. Deforestation is considered as the fundamental assist behind the landslide as in void soil, most of the storm with watering goes into the soil and strain powers for landslide. In any case, a few geologists considered the kind of rock, nature of rock and different endpoints like point, tectonic bowing, etc. for the eroticism of landslide and inside plan of rock is bankrupt down. The endless article integrates the preparation of geometrics based ideal landslide using remote sensing and GIS approach.