Higher Education and Career Pursuance for Village Girls: Challenges and Solutions

dr Manju Shivran
Assistant Professor (English) Govt. Arts College, Sikar, Rajasthan Email: manjushivran88@gmail.com, Mob.- 9549666690
Education is the first stepping stone in the way to empowerment of woman. Woman has been given the opportunities for education. Governments of all states are providing education to girls and they are getting changed life. We see new pictures of society. But when we see in the depth of their struggle we find that getting higher education and making career are very challenging for a woman of village. They face innumerable problems such as gender discrimination, financial problems, mantle stress, problems related to household workload, social attitude towards girls higher education and career. in this paper I explore such problems. This paper explores these issues with special reference to village girls and woman of Sikar and Jhunjhunu districts of Rajasthan. The objective of this paper is to acquaint with reasons and constraints faced by the rural woman in pursuance of higher education and career. And I try to give some practical suggestions to minimize and overcome the problem.