Development of Self Esteem among Special Children: A Step forward to Inclusive Education

Dr Anupriya Basu
Dr. Anupriya Basu, Assistant Professor Education, Seth Soorajmull Jalan Girls’ College, Mob.-9874387172
The whole educational world currently is faced with the formidable task of achieving the goal of Inclusive Education. For fulfilling the commitment towards the complete inclusion of the children with special needs or differently abled students in mainstream education, new trends of teaching-learning methods gradually are being introduced and infrastructural changes also have been started to incorporate with the existing set up. Though it is far reaching aspired goal, but those who are getting the facilities of special education majority of them leave their study in mid-way. Researchers observed that one of the major causes behind it is low self-esteem among the special children. This paper intends to study the nature of low esteem among special children and the teaching learning strategies to accelerate the self-esteem among them to make inclusive education successful.