Comparative Study of Anticoagulant and Acute Rodenticides along with Fumigation in Field

Madhu Choudhary
Associate Professor Department of Zoology Government Lohia College,Churu, Mobile-7976534045
The rodents cause severe damage to the crops. The quantity and quality of agricultural products are significantly affected by rodent infestation. In this regard rodent control studies are carried out in villages of Jaipur district of Rajasthan state of India. This regionis considered undersemi arid zone where average rainfall and crop production is already less. On the other hand rodents cause significant losses to crops and stored agricultural products. Acute and chronic rodenticides along with fumigation, irrigation and trapping methods were used in a coordinated manner. Results obtained were impressive with the use of combination of Zinc phosphide and Aluminium phosphide fumigation followed burrow irrigation, trapping and killing of rodents as integrated methods in fields. BrodifacoumandDifethialone were also found effective fields as they take more time but complete eradication.