Assessing Environmental Values through Gender and Stream Intersections

romana ali
Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Sonarpur Mahavidyalaya (Affiliated to University of Calcutta), Sahid Biswanath Sarani, Rajpur, kolkata 700149, Email :, Mobile- 9836294313
Concern about the nature of environmentalism has grown on a global scale. To ascertain how these issues are impacting the next generation, the research investigates environmental values that undergraduate college students hold. The research looks at how gender and stream affect the sample group's environmental value in this particular scenario. The data was analyzed by employing quantitative research approach by using survey method and 3 X 2 factorial design. The subjects were chosen from the undergraduate college students (n=400) affiliated to the University of Calcutta belonging to three different streams i.e. arts, science and commerce. In the study stratified purposive sampling was undertaken. A standardized tool namely ‘Environmental Value Questionnaire (EVQ)’ consisting of 25 items was used to measure the students environmental value. The choices for each item are strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, strongly disagree and I don’t know. A two-way ANOVA was conducted to determine the effect of stream and gender on environmental value. The result indicated that stream and gender had a significant effect on the different dimensions of environmental value.