A study of frustration of secondary school students

Dr. Yatendra Pal
Principal 38, Keshav Bunglows, New Shahibaug, Ahmedabad Email: yatinpal@yahoo.com, Mobile: 7990228913

Author/Co-Author 1

Dr. Smitaben H. Patel,
Assistant Professor, J.G. B.Ed. College of Education, Ahmedabad Email: patelsmita19@gmail.com, Mobile-7567450450
Education is essential for overall development of individual and society and hence education is main instrument for preservation and development of social and cultural heritage. Thus, the contribution of education has been and will continue to be invaluable in preparing future generations to solve future challenges and problems. After independence the country has made significant progress in the field of education. The present study aims at findings out the study of frustration of secondary school students of Ahmedabad city. Self developed tool was used on a cluster sample of 300 secondary school students in Ahmedabad city. This study clearly indicates about the frustration among the secondary school student frustration of Boys and Girls are common. Urban and rural student frustration rate is higher among rural students than urban student